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One coffe, avocado toast and piece of motivation please!

One coffe, avocado toast and piece of motivation please!


„The problem with the world is that  the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.“

                                       (Charles Bukowski)

I´ve always been a person with many interests. And thanks to a childhood without Internet I could actually develop myself in many fields. But you know „Mrs Maturity“ knocked on the door one day, including all responsibilities and “adult issues” so the simplicity of focusing only on the things you like was gone.

Yeah, It´s the same shit in everyone´s case I guess. And the real art is learning how to manage doing things you like even in your grown up life. Or even the bigger art( at least for me) is to choose what you really want to do and work on it. Because its very nice to have  dozens of  interests and be even more excited in trying new things, but isn´t life too short and shouldn´t we probably pick priorities?

Prioritizing. I don´t really understand this term. I mean I do theoretically, but I don´t understand how could someone from thousands of options choose only a few. It´s like if you would choose from all food available only three types which you would eat.

But let´s say you choose one. Even though you are walking one of the paths, you might start to have doubts if you are really walking the right one, or if you are doing it right at least. If you are good enough and if it has a sense.

What you need is motivation. Let´s say you are are trying to loose some weight and you run. You run every second day and after one month you loose four kilos. Maybe you expected more and maybe you are disappointed because you weren´t that succesfull according to your expectations. That might fuck up your motivation and you don´t see any sense to continue. But you see it wrong. You should see that you lost already fuckin four kilos, because you worked on yourself while other people were sitting in front of the television, jerking off and eating Mcdonalds. So head up and please, be patient in the things you start.

And don´t have expectations! It´s nice to have goals,  but if you expect too much you might find disappointment only. On the other side- if you won´t expect much you might be nicely surprised, instead of crying that you are not good enough.

You know how we are making New Year´s resolutions and then we are breaking these promises, lying to ourselves and trying to find excuses why we did it/ or basically why we did not. Why  isn´t it working?

Unfortunately, the hardest step after we start is to find enough motivation to continue. And that is mainly because of our discontent. And as motivation is not growing in trees or we can´t order it included in the breakfast menu, we have to find it deep inside ourselves. It´s the lady who is walking hand in hand with Mrs Trust.

So forget priority picking and stupid neverending analysis of  ourselves. If you´ll spend too much time  thinking about what you want to do or what you are really good in, it might be to late when you finally find your answer. Imagine you are in the bakery and you can´t decide which of the cakes you should buy. If you think too much about it, someone else will buy it in the meantime. So if you are not the type of the „ I know exactly which type of cake I want“ person, you should just try them all. One by one, or either way in the same time. But do it ( and you will also find your answers eventually)

And regardless of what you do, just stop hesitating and asking insidious questions „ if you are good enough“. It´s good to be critical on ourselves, otherwise we wouldn´t move forward, but we have to remember that too much thinking can have a really destructive influence.  Remember, trust in yourself is enough.

So I always wanted to write. I mean, I was always writing, but I would love to stay on this path this time, without unnecessary stopping or coming back. I chose my cake and it tastes good.

And you? ?

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