Hello beautiful soul visiting my page! Welcome!
How are you doing today?
And can I make it better?
“To be an artist is to believe in life.” – Henry Moore
Making art makes me happy. It’s a beautiful form of meditation, escape from reality and in a way – creating my own reality 🌏 👌❤️
When I paint I open the secret door to my subconscious and bring up all the emotions, feelings, dreams and much more what is inside my soul.
I like to mix it all in the imaginary pot of creativity and bring it to your plate as a recipe of joy, dreams and enjoyment of life.
And so, if my paintings make you happy – it makes me happy = and that is my friend “The circle of happiness” I believe that art can make the world a better place!
So feel free to browse my gallery, maybe some of my paintings will make you happy!
Have a wonderful day!
Andy Avocado